So, I did this round-the-world travel thing in 2016, and although I have travelled since, I really haven’t blogged about it… until now.

It’s 2023 and I’m blogging again. However this time, as a COVID-safe traveller, which means taking as many precautions as I can while an airborne pandemic is still raging around the globe.

My COVID-safe rules:

  • wear a KN94 or N95 mask indoors or when one cannot socially distance
  • eat outside where possible
  • carry portable HEPA air purifier (didn’t start out with one, wish I had)
  • carry portable Airtamer air ioniser
  • do not eat at airports or on planes if possible. Or distance yourself at an airport, or eat quickly on the plane when noone else is eating
  • stay at home/ hotel when sick

Other than that, I am trying to be my normal, travelling self.

I still don’t like most tourist attractions, tours, souvenirs, etc…

I prefer to blend in, and live like the locals – staying Airbnb, using Uber/ Grab and Public Transport.

I’m a fan of budget/ high value travel – I believe in living with less and I subscribe to the Minimalism movement.  I’m attempting to travel with CARRY ON ONLY and I never believed it would be easy.

I see this journey as attending the “school of life”.  To learn more about people, cultures, and living with less.

This is my website where I share some helpful things, some useless things, and some pretty things.

I’m a Marketing Strategist and Manager, a Writer and Project Manager.  I am passionate about location independent, remote working, and creating a LIFEstyle that supports your passion and helps you find balance.

I’m keen to meet other marketers in my travels, and other “nomads” or travellers for coffee.

Life is short. See you soon.