Bangkok: Coffee, Buddhas, MBK

Touch down Bangkok, Thailand. Great Uber from Airport – fixed rate incl tolls THB420.

First morning, cappuccino coffee, Elefin, pretty good, but pricey. Also a little serving of fruit:


Next, I experienced the Tuk Tuk Scam – Taxi driver says “insert-here” is closed, suggests Lucky Buddha, Standing Buddha,¬†Wat Sommanat AND a Thai Silk Factory. ¬†Hails a local Tuk, Tuk driver and asks him to only charge 60 Baht, to take us to the above.

After blowing off the “Thai Silk Factory” which is only a tailor shop offer “Armani-style” suits, the Tuk Tuk driver took off, leaving me to hail a taxi to MBK (89 Baht).

I remember hearing about many scams, especially this one, but I think the 2 hours of touring I got for 40 baht, was a good deal.

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