Bangkok: Coffee, Khao San Road, Chillin

Another exciting day of exploring. It’s been 10 years since I saw Khao San Road, and I was partially looking forward to seeing it again.

But first things first – coffee.  Visited Old Town Cafe. It was delicious:


Then, on to the Democracy Monument:


And Khao San Road:


Then a foot massage (250baht) and more eating and wandering (pretty cool):

And finally an Uber back. Great final day in Bangkok.

2 comments to “Bangkok: Coffee, Khao San Road, Chillin”
    • I did set the benchmark a bit lower in Bangkok (and Thailand in general). Around the world, I tend to rate my coffee out of 10. If it’s 5 and above, I would drink it again. 🙂 Do you know of any good coffee in Bangkok?

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