Chiang Mai: Coffee, Exploring, Maya Center

First things first. Luckily I am 2 minutes from MingMitr Coffee:


I’ve started drinking cappuccinos (THB60), mostly because they seem like they have less milk than lattes, and luckily in Thailand, they don’t put that horrible chocolate powder on top.

Then, resting, relaxing, and compiling this blog some more. Oh my goodness, it takes longer than expected, but I know at least 1 person who will appreciate my ramblings…

Then in the afternoon, out for a walk and another beverage:

Found a cute cafe/ library for a cold cappuccino (THB80) and a chance to read Lonely Planet Thailand.

Then more walking to the Maya Shopping Centre (the poshest in Chiang Mai, I’ve heard):

Dinner tonight was Pad Thai (THB50), yep, I was not feeling “foodie” adventurous.

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