Enjoying Coffee and the Beach Downtown

As you may know, when I reach a new town I become determined to answer that universal, age-old question that burns in the brains of everybody –

…will there be good coffee here?

With this burning question in mind, I jumped on the bus to head back to the centre (Old Town) of Puerto Vallarta.

The Coffee Cup

This place was sort of recommended online, and the place was empty with good space for working on a laptop so I thought I’d try it.

It was……okay. Oh how I miss Mexico City coffee.  Puerto Vallarta reminds me of the Gold Coast in Australia, before any good coffee places opened up.

Still, The Coffee Cup was a good spot to kick back for a few hours and enjoy the wifi.

The Beach

Of course, being in a beach town, it is practically a requirement to visit the beach at least a few times.  The clouds rolling in was such a dramatic scene.

Being the end of the day, there was plenty of space to sit.

Feeling like an early dinner, I headed one block back to see what I could find.

I saw this place, Derby City Burgers, had veggie burgers, so I had an idea to get one takeaway and go back to the beach.

It was a good decision.

The Portobello Mushroom Burger was very good and filling.  It was a wonderful view watching the sun set and the light change.

Before it got completely dark, I decided to jump on the bus to head back.  I walked to the nearest bus stop.

The good thing about Puerto Vallarta is that the buses come every 5-10 minutes.

Las Aralias

Arriving back home, I thought to take some pics.  I like this area.  It’s a good residential area.

It’s funny how relaxed everything is here.  It is not uncommon to see a car with many kids standing up in the back, or people riding in the back.

Nice, relaxing day.

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