Finding Good Coffee and Food in Madrid

After a being in a tricky coffee spot like Porto, where fresh amazing coffee is not in ample supply, I had a good feeling about the coffee I would find in Madrid.  And lucky I was right.

Madrid is quite a hip city, but in the centre, generic and touristy cafes still rule.  I avoided these.  And I am quite pleased with what I found:


This was my go-to morning coffee place.  It’s the kind of coffee shop that you only find if you are looking for it, because it is out of the way.

It’s small, cosy with a variety of seating.  It has wifi and the staff are kind.  I became enamored with their double shot with milk and fresh toast with tomato.


20161014_101749 20161014_102439

Coffee and Kicks

Close to the tourism craziness, is this hipster piece of paradise serving up amazing fresh coffee.  I went here a few times.  The staff were not really friendly, but they were professional.

20161013_111411 20161013_112007 20161015_175133

HanSo Cafe

This place was a little further for me to reach, so I only went here once.  The coffee was very nice.


Sucre Salon de Te

Okay. This is not a coffee one, but the staff were amazingly kind and friendly, and they served delicious Autumn herbal tea.  They had fast wifi and were very close to Retiro Park.

They also have tasty fresh salads.

20161015_124846 20161015_124848 20161015_124858

Bululú Bar and Coffee

This place is also a bit out of the way, but there salads are delectable!  It’s a good idea to bring a friend, as I struggled to eat the huge salad on my own.

And I don’t think there is enough crumbed-brie served with salads these days…

20161014_144436 20161014_143521

Greek & Shop

I found this place while walking from Retiro Park to the cinema, and I’m glad I did.  They had tasty food. Loved the neighbourhood.


Wok Sol

Some nights you just need a huge plate of stir-fried vegetables and rice.  Delicious! You can find them on Calle Cava Baja.


Sindibad Kebab & Cafe

Not too far from Plaza Major on Calle de Bordadores was a great little kebab and falafel place.  It was a tasty meal for only EUR5.

20161018_132119 20161018_133058

I was really pleased to keep all meals under EUR10.

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