Las Palmas Coffee, Food and Coworking

My time in Las Palmas has mostly been about working, blogging and cooking at home.  So there is not really a lot to share regarding a range of cafes, restaurants and working spaces.

I’ve only visited one coffee place, I have eaten out only once, and for one day, I visited a co-working space.

Cafe Regina

This has been my go-to coffee place in Las Palmas.  The beans are from Colombia and I love to watch them roasting them inside.

They are Arabica beans, but this is as good as it gets in Gran Canaria.  This flat white was sooooo strong it took a while to drink, and afterwards I opted to drink only cappuccinos.



Wong Solo Casaari

I was invited to lunch with some fellow co-workers, and I was thrilled that I went.  This Indonesian food was amazing.  But the plates were huge. I had to take half my meal home.


Speaking of co-working, I decided to visit my first ever co-working space.

On a side note: Yes, I did visit Punspace in Chiang Mai, but I did not work there.

Coworking Canary Islands

They have a 1 day free trial which is a great idea.  I’ve noticed that different co-working spaces have different “vibes” so it’s odd to see some offering you to sign up for a month without you really knowing what you are getting.

I liked it here, and I could work here longer term if I was staying in Las Palmas.

The fellow location-independent online workers (dare I say digital nomads) were a lovely, friendly, hard-working group.  Some were making a good living as freelancers, and others were working remotely for companies.

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