Looking on the Bright Side in Oslo

Arriving into Oslo on the ferry/ mini-cruise ship was awesome.  The view was incredible.  But once I was off the cruise ship the experience started to level off.

Firstly, the city looked like it wasn’t “ready”, like it was “under construction”.  I haven’t seen this many construction cranes leaning over a city in years.  It looked pretty horrible.

Also on a Sunday, the city centre was pretty much dead.  Like Brisbane, Australia used to be in the 1990’s.  Every shop was closed, and a few people standing around on the street looked a bit scary.

And I learned when I arrived at the most expensive air bnb I’d stayed on this journey, that another person would be sleeping in the living room, cutting off half of our relaxation space.

So after my great experience in Copenhagen, I wasn’t feeling great.

The Bright Side

Anyhow, all these downers made me determined to see the bright side of Norway’s capital.

Exploring Oslo City Centre

Oslo city centre is mostly manageable on foot, although there is an abundance of public transport (buses and trams).  But with one bus ride costing about AUD$7 I decided to stick to walking.

Luckily in Summer, the suns hits the city from time-to-time, although the weather can also change quickly.


20160821_143201 20160821_162209

Oslo Central Station

Is pretty much the hub of all public transport going in and out of Oslo.


Eating Out in Oslo

Ok. This little veggie burger was 100NOK (AUD$15.50) which made me realise I had to reduce my meals to 2 per day to stay in budget.

I even looked at Burger King (heaven help me) but the prices were about the same.

So I decided to buy from supermarkets and eat in 100% of the time after this…


A Little Peak Around Old Town

20160821_150414 20160821_145419 20160821_144820 20160821_144715

Coffee in the Afternoon

One afternoon I decided to head out for a coffee, and I was recommended to check out – Sorenga.

Sorenga is also undergoing a lot of residential construction.  It is about 10-15 minutes walk from the centre, and some coffee shops and cafes have opened up on the edge of the water.

In the sun, it is great for having a coffee.  I tried Evita Espresso Bar, and it wasn’t the best coffee, but the location was great for relaxing.

20160822_162037 20160822_162255

Also, in Sorenga is a new Town Beach for swimming.  But not for me! Much too cold.


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