Porto Weekend Wandering and THAT View

It was a sunny afternoon, and in pursuit of lunch and a coffee, it was time to explore Porto some more.

Each time I jumped on that tram to head the 10 minutes into the centre, I was excited with the anticipation of what I would discover next.  Very few places in the world made me feel this way, and I loved it!

Who would have thought that a simple car garage could be such a fantastic masterpiece?


Igreja da Santíssima Trindade

A grand looking Catholic Church, opened June 5, 1841.


With a fountain out front.


Praça de Lisboa

Stopped by this garden in the city where many locals relax and drink on the weekends.  There were 2 cute puppies playing.


Next to the garden is the statue of Bishop António Ferreira Gomes and tourist attraction, Clérigos Tower.


And on the corner of Rua de Sao Miguel are some painted tiles with lovely old depictions of Porto.


Leading to THIS VIEW…


And starting to head back, so many narrow, windy streets exhibit some truly creative pieces.


And many great little cafes, like this one opposite Jardim do Passeio das Virtudes.


Such a misty afternoon view from the garden.


And just up hill, is the Jardim da Cordoaria, which has some very entertaining sculptures.  And it wasn’t just me who thought so!


Just opposite is the Museu do Centro Hospitalar do Porto.


The best way to head to the Lapa Metro Station, was down the mostly pedestrian Rua de Cedofeita.


Where most of the shop owners had fantastic art on their shutters.


This whole city centre is like one big art gallery.

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