Saturday in Taipei – 101, Bubble Tea, Massage and Exploring

It was finally the weekend! I was tired, but keen to see more of the city. And try new coffee places of course.

As I surveyed the city scene from my hotel room, it felt a little bit “New Yorky” in Taipei. Even though this city has it’s own distinct style, it felt like a mash up of American, Japanese, with a hint of Chinese culture.

The typhoon was finally gone, and the sky was starting to clear.

I really liked the feel of this neighbourhood.

Fika Fika Cafe

This cafe was highly recommended, so I thought I would try the coffee.

The staff were not particularly welcoming.

The coffee was nice, and well made.

The cafe was visited by families, and the strangest little dog I had ever seen.

And it was opposite a lovely little park called Yitong Park.

And who knew Happiness could be found in Taipei?

The sky really started to clear up. It was time to jump on another bus.

Then I finally saw Taipei 101… the postcard tower of the city.

I was getting a sense that art was important in this city.

The Taipei 101 was so addictive to photograph.

I could see a lot of creativity in the building designs across the city.

Once inside, I headed down to the foodcourt. It was time to grab a drink. There was clearly a BIG tea drinking culture in Taipei.

And then I remembered it was the home of bubble tea, also known as boba tea.

OMG, the bubble tea was amazing.

I decided not to pay the huge fee and go to the top of the tower. Instead I just wandered around and explored the area.

There was another shopping centre across the road called Breeze Nan Shan.

The shopping centres were connected with walkways.

It didn’t feel crowded at all, but maybe the locals were away on summer holiday. Some views, reminded me of Los Angeles.

I headed back to Taipei101 food court to have some lunch, as I remembered seeing appealing and affordable lunch options.

The food was really good for a set menu.

I decided to head to the nearest bus stop to catch one back to the hotel.

More people were starting to come out.

The sky had really cleared up, and was a stunning shade of blue.

By the time I got back near the hotel, I headed back to Coffee Moon for 2nd coffee.

Coffee Moon was in a little street shopping district. I saw the cutest dog in the window, and didn’t realise it was real until it moved.

Coffee in hand, I was ready to head for a massage.

Foot Massage Parlor

I found a recommended little foot massage place only a few minutes away on the bus.

It was excellent

I’m not 100% sure of the name, but you should be able to find it here:

Starting to walk back to the hotel, I saw the sun had just set.

The city started to glow, lovely warm colours.

I stopped at a small restaurant on the way back to have dinner.

What a day.

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