Taipei Da’an District Exploring and Oasis Coffee Roasters

After work, I wanted to try another coffee shop in the Da’an District called Oasis Coffee Roasters.

I jumped on the bus again and made my way there. There was definitely a “New York vibe” to the area, especially with the view to the Taipei 101 Tower.

The streets in Taipei are some of the cleanest streets I have seen in a city. Very similar to streets in cities in Japan.

It wasn’t too hard to find the coffee shop, and it was clearly a hipster, third wave coffee place.

This was definitely the most expensive coffee I had found so far in Taipei. I ordered an iced flat white which cost AUD$6.95. Ouch.

It was a very nice coffee, but ridiculously priced, so I doubt I would go back.

There were some people working there, and it seemed like a popular place. With prices like these, it reminded me of blue bottle coffee.

After my coffee, I decided to go an “urban bush walk”, which means explore the area on foot.

It was very strange to see a hotel called the Smoker’s Inn…. but I guess it’s definitely a niche.

It was hot and humid, yet enjoyable to wander.

I wasn’t sure how much greenery I would see in this city, but they really do have a lot of trees, and look after them.

Again, I was surprised how quiet the streets were.

Some of the small street art was very traditional.

Some of the buildings were fascinating.

The residents really keep their streets welcoming and clean.

Taipei was really becoming one of my favourite cities.

And there was this ongoing theme of Miyazaki film art.

And I thought the boutique shops in amongst the homes was adorable.

This whole area seemed like a lovely place to live.

After walking around for so long, I was ready for dinner. So I went back to the traditional restaurant I had tried the other day, to sample some more dishes from their menu.

They had a prawn dish that was amazing. The prawns were so fresh.

I ordered the calamari too – super yum!

The green beans were tasty as well. I really like this place.

After dinner, it was time to head back to the hotel.

After getting a bubble tea of course 😉

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