Taipei Local Living and Remote Working

Back to work on Monday. I could see myself easily living in and working in Taipei. It was such a friendly, clean, and creative city.

And the food options were blowing my mind…

Not that I would actually eat a strawberry jam sandwich that looked like this.

I headed back to Phoenix to get to work. It was the perfect coworking space – great coffee, quiet.

For lunch, I had seen a small cart on the street corner, where a lot of locals were getting their food.

I decided to try it, and was surprised it was less than $1.

The couple running the stand were super friendly.

It turned out to be super-delicious!

After lunch, I smashed out some more work. With the right software and communication processes in place with my team, the whole experience of remote- working was seemless.

Once work was done, I headed back to Coffee Moon to get my 2nd coffee.

This place had quickly become one of my favourite coffee places in the world.

I headed back to the hotel.

And thought I would try a local treat.

It is a Chinese or Asian-style custard-filled pancake thingy. Either way, it was very tasty.

It’s been a good productive day…. amazing coffee and great food.

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