The Best Lunch in Cartagena and Sunset by the Water

I saw a vlog mention a great lunch spot in Getsemani called GCB Gourmet Restaurant.

When I arrived at the spot, I learned that the restaurant had changed its name to Maha Raja.  It was a bit confusing but I was glad I found it.

They had a set menu for COP$8,000 (AUD$3.70).  The menu included chicken soup…

Fresh fried fish, patacon, salad, rice, noodles and a drink.

This meal was so tasty and such good value I went back twice.

I had quickly learned in Colombia that buying groceries from supermarkets like Carulla, were actually a lot more expensive than eating out.  I did not expect that!

When I walked back to Manga, I decided to walk through the garden next to the water.  The sun was setting and I love the orange light coating everything.

Some of the older houses here are marvelous and impressive.

I also discovered a lovely old cemetery walking back to my airbnb.

Each day I see more in Cartagena that makes me never want to leave.

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