Transit: Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (in Northern Thailand) was super easy and affordable.  I know there might be a bus or train that one can take (around 15 hours) but I opted to fly.

Uber to airport (THB420) and then Air Asia (AUD$42) to Chiang Mai.


It was a full, packed out, 1 hour flight.  It was smooth and the Air Asia staff were great.  Arriving in Chiang Mai, it is clear that the taxis feed off the airport.  A taxi to the apartment (Air Bnb) was THB180.  Seems cheap, but considering it’s a 7 minute ride, it feels pricey. C’est la vie.


The apartment is lovely.  It is “premium” in terms of some options in Chiang Mai at AUD$30/ night.


Close to 7 Eleven, 5 minutes walk to a Tops Supermarket, and some local food nearby too.

Lazy day after all that travel.  Craving “Western” food, 5 mins walk away:

Welcome to Chiang Mai… Looks cute already.

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