Transit: easyJet Flight Paris to Lisbon

I used to fly easyJet a lot when I lived in the UK.  In the 00’s they were the go-to budget airline.  Coming back to Europe in 2016, easyJet have some great competition, and I’ve been mostly impressed with the budget airline offerings.

Getting from central Paris to Paris CDG airport Terminal 2 was very simple and fast.  The metro, then the train is THE BEST choice.  I was advised by a local against taking the train due to pickpockets and people who might walk off with your suitcase if you leave it for a minute.  But I was vigilant and determined.

I was originally booked to take the easyBus (I am still awaiting my refund) but I received an automatic, cold email stating my bus was cancelled and I was booked on a bus 2 hours earlier.  How crazy is that?  So DON’T book the not-easyBus.

Gare du Nord Station



The ride to the airport was very fast and comfortable and only EUR10.


And soon our train had arrived.


There were plenty of signs pointing the way to Terminal 2D.


Security was a bit tense, and they did scan my toothpaste twice, but then it was straight through to the gate.

Please note: there are no good food or coffee options at 2D once you pass through security.

20160920_143052easyJet asked us to board way too soon.  We were queuing to board even before the incoming flight had arrived. Also there was some harassment over carry-on luggage which I didn’t witness with the other budget airlines.

The flight was slightly delayed, but I was just happy to be leaving Paris, and heading to Portugal for the first time.


It was a very full flight.  Take off was smooth and soon we were heading south.


The flight was only 2.5 hours and soon we were arriving into Lisbon.  It looked amazing from the air.


Welcome to Lisbon Portugal

Arrival was smooth, and it was fast to head straight to the metro.


One small problem was that ALL the ticket machines were broken, and most people didn’t know what was going on.  And the line for the ticket booth was very long.


Luckily 2 lovely girl backpackers leaving Lisbon came up to us and handed us their rechargeable travel cards.  Yay! So all we had to do was add some credit.

Sadly even the credit machines were partly broken and wouldn’t accept credit cards so I had to get some cash out.

It was longer and more frustrating than I would have liked but finally I had credit.


The metro was very busy, but smooth and straightforward to get into town.

I got off at Sao Sebastian, which was also the station for El Corte Ingles.


It was great to be in Lisbon, and felt very, very different from Paris.  Everyone was relaxed and friendly and it was strange to adjust.

It seems the buses are very relaxed, as I waited 1/2 hour for one that is supposed to come every 8 minutes, but never showed.


So I just called an Uber. Problem Solved.

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