Transit: Flying Vietnam Airlines Taipei to Hanoi

My coffee and mini-visit to Bopiliao Historical Block was done, and it was time to fly.

The Uber arrived at the coffee shop fairly quickly, and it only took about 10 minutes to drive to the Taipei Main Train Station.

We drove past a famous, historical gate to the city.

I know I like a city when I feel like I am leaving too soon.

Taipei Train Station

I’m not sure if I went in the correct entrance, but it was a bit of a hike to get to the airport train (MRT).

I had my purple token that I had bought originally, so I just used this to get back to the airport.

It was an easy and seamless journey.

And I was able to see more of Taiwan’s countryside as the train wizzed between the tropical hills.

It really was a lush landscape.

After about 35 minutes, we arrived at Taipei International Airport.

Taipei International Airport

Check in with Vietnam Airlines was very straight-forward.

The foodcourt at the airport wasn’t….. great.

Soon I was at the gate, ready to board.

Boarding and departure was on time.

The flying time was 2hr 55mins and there was a meal included in the airfare, which was approx $120 one way.

The food was okay, if you are hungry.

Arrival was smooth, and so was immigration. Once out in the Arrivals hall, it was time to find a SIM card.

$13 for 28 days was a good deal.

The hotel in Hanoi had arranged a driver to pick me up for a price of US$18 one way. It was approx 45 minutes drive to reach the centre.

I immediately felt a little bit of “culture shock” arriving in Vietnam. I had never visited before.

It reminded me a little bit of Bali.

Hanoi Hanvet Hotel

I checked into the hotel, and everything looked good. It was a boutique hotel in the Old City, and I booked it for AUD$57 per night through Agoda.

I was super hungry, so I headed out to find some food.

Cela Healthy Fast Food

Only a few minutes walk away was this amazing healthy food place – – – obviously for foreigners, but I didn’t mind. I ordered the chicken salad.

Pretty tired, I decided just to head back to the hotel. Stopping off at a bubble tea place. Yes, I was addicted.

With a familiar sight on the wall…

I missed it already.

But the tea was de-lish…..

I had made it. I was in Hanoi.

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