Transit: Flying Viva Colombia Bogota to Medellin

I like domestic flights. They are truly like catching a bus these days and tend to be fast and smooth. I even had time to grab a coffee from Amor Perfecto before calling the Uber to head to the airport.

I like sitting in the front of an Uber.  It is also recommended in many countries as it improves the safety of the driver, and makes them look less like an Uber.  Uber is illegal in Colombia, but Colombians persist – I love it!

However, I quickly realised not all drivers are created equal, and some don’t believe in signalling… eeeeek!

Still it was a nice view of Bogota heading to the airport, and only about 20 minutes.

It was strange being back at the airport so quickly.

But I had to admit, I was looking forward to visiting Medellin and getting to a lower altitude.

Luckily the Viva Colombia flight was right on time.  I had also purchased my plane tickets very carefully, as I was aware that the airline had very strict baggage rules.

I purchased up to 12kg carry on luggage, and I was very glad I did.  The airfare was still pretty cheap.  Also it meant I was in boarding group 1, and that group was bused to the plane first.

It was a full flight to Medellin.

We left on time.

Taking off from Bogota was surreal.

It made me realise just how huge the city is.

It was only a 40 minute flight down the mountain to the José María Córdova International Airport, which is 2,100m altitude.

It looked more tropical as we arrived. I followed my nose, out to the street.

Then followed the other passengers to the local bus.

A taxi to the city is about COP$72,000 and the bus is only COP$9,500 per person, which is much more affordable.

It’s only a mini-bus so more comfortable in theory.

Then we were off towards Medellin.

I discovered that the road to Medellin is a toll road, which is probably why taking a taxi costs a lot more.

The first view of Medellin is magical, as you descend down the mountain to the altitude of 1,500m.

The surrounds embrace Medellin with greenery.

I saw my first glimpse of Poblado through the trees.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at San Diego Commercial Centre.

It was a small shopping centre and a hub of traffic, buses, taxis, pedestrians, and not too far from the metro train.

A had a cold drink, and then ordered an Uber.

It was only 10 minutes drive from San Diego to Poblado. The Airbnb was on the side of the mountain, close to the Zona Rosa.

 The whole area felt posh.

I learned that I was staying on the 16th floor.

What a way to watch the sunset on the first day in Medellin.  I think I like this place already.

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