Transit: Flying Viva Colombia Medellin to Cartagena

I was a bit sad to leave Medellin. It’s definitely a place I would like to come back to.

The Uber driver was prompt in picking me up, and although his driving was a little fast, I arrived at San Diego Central in no time. It was a sunny and clear day, and I kinda wished it was raining.

Once at San Diego, I stepped out of the Uber, crossed the road to an awaiting airport bus.  An Uber or Taxi to the airport is COP$75,000 and the bus is COP$9,500 so much better value.

It was really quick and the bus left straight away, heading out of the city.

We climbed and climbed the mountain, and Medellin fell away into the distance.

Soon we were at the top of the mountain, to the small town there.

As I looked out over the green, rolling hills, it somehow reminded me of Northern NSW again.

We arrived back at the toll booth and with a COP$10,000 toll I could see why taxis and Ubers charge so much.  Although I’m not sure the exact amount for cars.  It could be less.

We traveled pretty fast.

We arrived in only 40 minutes – record time!

We were back at 2,200m altitude.

The airport seemed quiet. I think I was about an hour ahead of schedule, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get back up the mountain, so I left a buffer.

 The bus was definitely worth it.

Medellin’s Jose Maria Cordova International Airport

I headed straight to security and hoped there was coffee on the other side.

Security was super fast and friendly and immediately on the other side….. was coffee.

So I made myself comfortable for the 1 hour wait.

I even stretched my legs and had a look around.

The strangest thing about this airport, is there are no departure boards anywhere, and you kind of have to ask a member of staff which gate you need to be at.

It was time to board, and I was keen to see what my second Viva Colombia trip would be like.

The flight was packed out.

We left on time. It was a bit bumpy ascending.

So I tried to distract myself with the airline magazine.

It was a great view.

It was only a 40 minute flight to descend to Cartagena at sea level.

I wasn’t sure what Cartagena would look like. It just looked like the kind of town you would expect on the edge of the Caribbean.

Coming in to land was interesting though.  It’s one of those moments that you hope a runway is there, and not just ocean.

I was happy to be a sea level again.  It was another good experience with Viva Colombia.

The airport had that rustic, tropical feel.

I just followed the masses.

It was very fast from the airport to a taxi.  Taxis to Manga are fixed at COP$15,000.

The taxi driver had no idea.  I had to direct him.

The road ran along the edge of the sea.  It was weird seeing the coast again.

We drove around the Old Town wall.

And soon I was at my Airbnb.  Welcome to Cartagena.

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