Transit: Getting from Valencia to Barcelona by Train

Similar to my journey from Alicante to Valencia, the train from Valencia to Barcelona was equally easy and smooth.  And very scenic!

It took approx 4.5 hours on the train, as we made quite a few stops, but I didn’t mind.  I didn’t need the express train.


It was only 10 minutes walk from the Valencia Airbnb to the train station.  I can see why people like the train so much.  It feels a lot more seamless than flying.  Also I love that there is no “security screening”.  It makes travel so much more pleasant to not be xrayed, frisked, and tip out all your liquids over 100ml.

In the cabin, it was quite “worn”, but it was mostly clean, and the toilet was very close.


The journey was amazing.  Of course I caught up on the latest episode of Ray Donovan.  But I also enjoyed the view, which ran along the coastline quite often.


Arriving in Barcelona Sants

It only took 1 minute from disembarking, to standing in the middle of the Barcelona Sants station.  Then it was a matter of finding the metro station, so that I could get to my next Airbnb.


The metro/ underground subway system in Barcelona is very efficient and allows access to most parts of the city.


It even has these helpful little lights inside the metro, so you can see where your station is.


Of course, I knew we were going to the Sagrada Familia metro station, but my mouth still fell open, when I exited the station and looked up!

Bloody Gaudi! Love his work!


I could stare at this amazing building for hours!

Welcome to Barcelona!

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