Transit: Ado Bus from Playa del Carmen to Cancun

After a month in PDC, it was time to move to Cancun to see what life was like there.  Also it was full-on high season, and I noticed many prices had increased in Playa del Carmen.  Quite a few restaurants and cafes had put their prices up.

Cancun is a massive hub for the region, and is split into two distinct areas – Cancun downtown and Cancun Hotel District.  I opted to stay downtown.

Getting to Cancun was very straight forward.  I hailed a taxi to go to the Ado bus station.  It was fast and only MXN$25.

At the bus station it was easy to buy the tickets, and buses left quite frequently. The tickets were MXN$65 one way.

It was only a 20 minute wait until the bus pulled up.

The journey took about an hour, and the bus played a stressful Owen Wilson movie that just didn’t seem right on a public bus.  Whatever happened to Happy Feet?

Arriving at the Ado bus station in Cancun, I just followed my nose out to the street.

I was very happy that our Airbnb host, Susie, had agreed to meet us, and I was shocked to see her holding up a sign with my name…. just like at the airport! It was funny.

We hailed a cab together to head home.  So far so good. Welcome to Cancun.

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