Turret Coffee, Ginza Hub, Dancing and Racist Sushi

Determined to start my day with good coffee, I found on a blog that there was a recommended place only a few minutes walk from where I was staying. It was weird that it didn’t show on google maps…. but this app has been letting me down A LOT lately. It just hasn’t been showing places relevant to my search.

It was also funny that it was behind the Starbucks in Tsujiki that I went to.

Turret Coffee is good

And they have swag…

The flavour was bizarre. Super strong foam, weaker base, but still the best I’d day so far.

Armed with my ‘cup-o-joy’ I headed to the office…

Ginza feels like a normal working area as you walk around. Not many tourists.

I really enjoyed the “local” feel of heading to work here.

Ginza Hub Coworking Space

So I finally made it to the co-working space, Ginza Hub. It was open, and there were many different workers from different countries working there.

It was quiet, tea was included, and I got SO much work done.

Not much exploring today. I did see a festival on across the road from the hotel at the temple, so I went to have a closer look.

Tsukiji Hongwanji Bon Odori Festival

Apparently this is an annual festival held at the temple that attracts up to 30,000 people per year.

It was wonderful.

Dinner and racism at Sushizanmai

I was craving sushi, so I went to a little train I saw at the fish market called Sushizanmai.

Well, the food was okay, but the experience was not. They CLEARLY do not like white people, especially like me. The staff tried not to serve me, and the chefs in the centre 100% ignored me, so I could not place a custom order for sushi like all the locals. I had to eat from the limited options on the train.

I get it. They are racist. There is definitely “tourism fatigue” in this market, and increased passive-aggressive hostility to tourists. Just a “con” of our increased ability to travel.

Oh well, at least the overpriced sushi tasted good.

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