Visiting A Local Cancun Market

The locals in Cancun know all the good spots – to get affordable fresh fruit and vegetables and traditional food and snacks.  Susie was heading to one such market, so I was more than happy to tag along.

It was a short taxi ride and we were there.

The street art in Cancun is similar to Playa del Carmen, as many pieces have a traditional cultural flavour.  It was great to find some in the market.

Many shops have these bags of chilis, lentils and other bits.  You can help yourself.

There were many families having an early lunch.

And the regular tourist items.

A local savoury snack/ treat called Tlacoyos.

And the mums making it…

Served with a tasty, spicy veggie mix on top. Yum!

And more walking, so I can buy some honey and fruit and veggies.

Then it’s time to jump in a taxi.

Heading back, we took a detour to a local health shop called Organic Market.

But what a disappointment. Very expensive and small range.  It’s the most expensive kombucha I’ve ever bought.

Oh well.  I guess the healthy food market in Cancun is in the very early stages.

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