Loving LA: Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney Boulevard

I had a weekend to spend in La La Los Angeles.  I was after something old (a place I had visited before and loved), and something new (a place I had always wanted to visit).  I decided to start with something old.

With the Oscars happening over this particular weekend (I had no idea)  accommodation was tight.  However I managed to find a great Airbnb with an amazing family in Inglewood.  It’s not a posh neighbourhood, but it’s central with access to all sides of LA.

I started the morning early.  Google Maps said it was 40 minutes to Venice, and with LA traffic you normally add an hour, but I was optimistic.

The traffic was surprisingly light, and as a minimalist I loved this billboard – Self-storage is stupid.  Funny.

Driving along, it looked like it was going to be a perfect day in terms of the weather.  It actually was only 40 minutes to Venice Beach.

Since I have been to Venice Beach before, luckily I knew where to find free street parking.  If you don’t need to park next to the beach, and you park a few blocks back, you can usually find plenty of parking.

I started walking towards the beach.  I saw some funny text on the wall – “You look amazing in that sense of entitlement”.  There were homeless people on the same street so it kinda made sense.

Ahhhhhh, Venice Beach, it’s good to be back.

Menotti’s Coffee Stop

I had seen this coffee shop in Venice last year, and I always wanted to try it.

Of course I had some price shock, when you convert to Australian dollars.  I think I paid about AUD$7 for a cappuccino.

I headed over to the boardwalk and beach.

Venice Beach

As I said…… cold, but perfect weather.

Time to stroll. Yes, I took LOTS of photos… I couldn’t stop.

It was entertaining watching the street vendors and locals set up for the day.

Of course, the street art is fantastic – an outdoor art gallery.

Well said…

I thought this guy was weird.  I guess this is what the world is coming to – paying someone to have a conversation with you – interesting business idea.

His topic for discussion is – “Shame on Snap Chat for desecration of the American way of life”.

If I could hug all street art I would.

Breakfast on Venice Beach

I normally don’t have dessert for breakfast, which is technically what an Acai Bowl is, but today – why not?

Mmmmmm, protein packer.

A little bit of St Mark… the Patron Saint of Venice.  Venice in Italy that is.  Yep, he’s the dude who wrote one of the books of the New Testament.

Just popping by Jim’s place.

Muscle Beach

An ode to some great minds and philosophers.

Next it was off to Abbot Kinney Boulevard (another Flaked filming location).

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

It’s only about 5 minutes drive from the beach, but it is full of boutique shops, cafes, coffee and street art.

Recognise the location of “Free Coffee” from Flaked?

There are these wonderful, quirky, educational art pieces up and down the road. They have great local stories to tell.

It is such a pretty street.

With amazing street art.

It’s easy to love this place.

This art piece is etched into the wall.

Blue Bottle Coffee

I first tried this coffee in San Francisco in August 2015, and then again in New York in April 2016, so I knew it was good.

I normally don’t have two posh coffees in one day, but my time is limited this weekend.

Then time to walk back.

And street art shenanigans.

Another Flaked filming location.

Another great interactive exhibit.

And then another fun exhibit.

A little piece of political art.

Time to go.  Thanks Venice. See you next time.

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