Envigado and the Best Cheesecake Ever

I nearly stayed in Envigado and this part of Medellin appealed to me, so I thought I should include a visit.

After having lunch in Poblado I ordered an Uber.  This Uber driver was a crazy women who didn’t use her indicator once and nearly killed me twice changing multiple lanes.  I wonder what is Spanish for – “Holy Shit you are going to kill me!”. I was very relieved when we made it to Parque Envigado.

I immediately loved the area.  There were great statues outside the municipal buildings. There seems to be a lot of pride in Colombia of their history.

And the buildings looked so old world. What a beautiful municipality.

The rain was spitting a little bit, but I decided to keep walking anyway.

Parque Envigado

In the park was the Santa Gertrudis Church. It also had a fountain out front.

There didn’t seem to be any other tourists around, which was weird but nice.

I headed down the hill. Some of the old buildings were just so beautiful.

The palm trees gave a tropical feel.

I found a library with a great mural.  There are so many books here and they seem to have a passion for reading.

I was glad that it wasn’t so hot and sunny. It gave a mystical outlook.

Some of the street tiles reminded me of Portugal.

And I finally found some street art.

I was finally down the hill.

I saw across the road, a place that looked familiar.  I think I had read online that they had great desserts.

Ambrosia Reposteria

Whoever had written the review recommending this place was right.  I tried the tres leche desert.

It was soooooo good, I looked for another dessert to take away.

The caramel cheesecake I opted for turned out to be one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted.

Then it was time for a coffee.  There was a place called Otraparte that was recommended, but when I found it, it didn’t look open or welcoming, so I left.  Still it had the most stunning gardens.

So I turned around and heading back, looking for a place called Cocolatte Cafe.

It was in such a trendy little pocket. There were sculptures…

And street art…

And an unusual about of “street security guards”.  Odd. Still I loved it, especially the painting on the road.  Very arty.

Cocolatte Cafe

I immediately loved this cute cafe.

The logo looked like cheap fast food, but it was definitely not. It was so trendy.

And the coffee was so amazing.  It was as good as Pergamino Cafe.

The seating area was so quaint and open.

After I finished my coffee, it was time to drop into Exitto.

I then called an Uber to head back to Poblado.  Amazing afternoon.

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