Madrid and Park Life

Going from city to city for months, I was kinda itching to spend some time in some greenery.  Lucky I was in the right place, as there are some good options in Madrid if you are looking for parklife.

The first park I found was running away from hoardes of people heading to the Cathedral and the “walking tours” (eeeeeeek).

I found it heading downhill, past the Cathedral towards Parque de Atenas.

First I went past the

Muralla Árabe

The Muslim Walls of Madrid, also known as Arab Walls of Madrid, and some small parts remain. It is probably the oldest building on foot in the city.


Then I found this cute spot…


And then heading down past Parque de Atenas, you can find a really relaxing and private garden called…

Campo del Moro Garden

Streams, paths and trees in steep, sloping historic gardens on 20 acres with 2 monumental fountains.

It is located between the Manzanares River and the Royal Palace. It was the site of a camp established by the Muslim armies who laid siege to Madrid between 1100 and 1200. It has been the scene of hunting parties, jousts and tournaments.

It was wonderful. Very quiet and peaceful. I just loved it.

20161014_125949 20161014_130414 20161014_134045 20161014_134352 20161014_135111

Head to the other side of town, and then you will find my next favourite – Retiro Park.

Retiro Park

The Buen Retiro Park is one of the largest parks of the city. The park belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until the late 19th century, when it became a public park.

Even on a busy Sunday, you can find a quiet spot to yourself.

20161015_155503 20161015_155853 20161015_160141 20161015_160645 20161015_160743 20161015_170642

And last but not least, I stumbled upon another small, sweet park, avoiding tourists again that were heading to the Palace.

Jardines De Lepanto

Ok, I pretty much sprinted through this park, as I was heading to find some lunch, but I did like what I saw.

20161017_170759 20161017_170808 20161017_170820

That’s it for now.  I know there are more parks in Madrid, but with a handful of days, that’s all I could find.  Pretty cool.

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