Taipei Snacks, Local Food and City Mall

I was impressed so far with Taipei. It was a beautiful city, and the people were super-friendly. It was a completely different experience from Japan, where there is a huge amount of “tourist fatigue”.

It was still a working day, so plenty to do. I stopped at a local convenience store. They have some odd snacks that I haven’t seen in a “7 Eleven” before…

These guys take healthy snacks to the next level.

I must admit. I’ve never thought to get a sweet potato, or egg in a shell to-go.

It was still a rainy day, as the Typhoon was hanging around.

Since the Phoenix Coffee shop was empty, I just sat in all morning to get work done.

Soon it was lunch time.

Mr Brown Coffee Nanjing Store

This is a very popular, spacious chain of cafes in Taipei. I would not drink the coffee, but I decided to sample their set menu.

It wasn’t too bad.

I headed back to work.

After work…

I decided to try the public transport and go back to Taipei Main Station to explore.

Travelling on public transport is super-easy. You can buy a EasyCard from any convenience store, and add credit.

Even with grey skies, I could see the impressive buildings and get more of a feel for the city.

There was a food court under the main train station that had a few different places to eat.

I found one that looked popular.

The soup and dumplings were delicious.

After dinner, I wandered around the mall area, curious to see the kinds of things being sold there. I saw lots of uniquely made bags and trinkets.

Via the main train station, it was possible to visit Taipei City Mall.

I am still not 100% sure what a Knife Massage is?

It was a strange, yet wondrous place.

It was getting late…. so time to head back.

I decided to catch the bus back again.

I was starting to feel at home in Taipei. It captured me unlike any other Asian capital I had visited.

Starbucks near my hotel had a delightful rose tea…

I love how chains like Starbucks embrace local flavours to change up their menu.

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