What Las Palmas Has Taught Me About Community

This place has a great vibe.  After a few months visiting so many places across Europe, this island is like therapy.  It feels like a community should.  I think many towns and cities can learn from a place like Las Palmas.

The people here are warm. They look other people in the eyes.  They have a caring spirit, than too many cities lack.  They seem relaxed and healthy.  Everyone seems to leave their apartments and house en-masse everyday, to take a stroll… down the main street or down the promenade.  It keeps everyone connected.

The police here are relaxed too.  I’ve only seen them going for a coffee.  They are fit and in shape and not carrying automatic weapons like in Paris.

There are a lot of communal areas too – small parks, basketball courts and skating areas for kids to play.  I think more areas like this would help our communities.

This town also seems to have different races happily living together, and even though the main religion is Catholic, they don’t seem too hard core.  I read this on a website, and thought it made sense completely…

“Spanish life has undergone rapid change in recent decades and many of the stricter religious customs are giving way to more modern ways, particularly in the cities and among women. In spite of this, traditions remain strong; hospitality, chivalry and courtesy thrive.”

I think all of our communities could benefit from a little hospitality, chivalry and courtesy.

This needs to be a joint effort from politicians who need to provide communal spaces, and from each individual in a community to re-connect with each other.

More Las Palmas Pictures

This place is great for exploring on foot.  It is easy to rack up those 10,000 daily steps when there is so much to see.  Too many tourists focus on seeing the “sights” and I think they miss the soul of a place.

Now, this what I got up to…

Parque Romano

20161027_123616 20161027_123645

Las Palmas Marina

20161027_124942 20161027_125306

Fuente Luminosa

20161027_135707 20161027_143847

Playa De Las Alcaravaneras

20161101_172209 20161101_172220

Plaza de Las Islas Canarias

20161101_174407 20161101_180406

Parque de Santa Catalina



I love this sculpture – betunero , representing the work of the shoeshiners established in the area for decades. The sculpture looks so content, and happy to serve.

Oswaldo Sanchez Guerra even wrote a poem to go with it, and translated reads like:

“In my humble hands recognises
bitumen arcane joy,
as your feet wrapped in disorientated
in your worldly turns to the destination.”


Playa de Las Canteras

20161101_183731 20161101_184157 20161101_184639

Street Art on Avenida Escaleritas


Atis Tirma

I cannot decide whether I prefer Las Palmas in the sunshine or in the misty clouds…

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